What to book: ‘The Milliner’ exhibition

Philip Mould & Company presents a collaboration between a British painter and an esteemed hat designer

Lorna May Wadsworth’s portrait of Victoria Grant

The portraitist Lorna May Wadsworth and the milliner Victoria Grant are set to collaborate on an exhibition held at Philip Mould’s Pall Mall gallery in which each will take inspiration from the other. Wadsworth will unveil a large-scale portrait of Grant, who in turn will display a collection of hats inspired by Wadsworth. Grant’s berets and top hats, adorned with jewels and feathers, will also feature a selection of Philip Mould & Co.’s miniature of ladies from the 18th century through to the 1920s.

Lorna May Wadsworth and Victoria Grant with the portrait at the Philip Mould gallery

Grant, whose work has been described by the designer Isabel Marant as the “perfect balance between tradition, handcrafting and British sophisticated yet provocative elegance”, has previously created pieces for the likes of Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne, as well as several guests at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Wadsworth was acquainted with Grant’s designs before the pair had even met; they are now firm friends, with Wadsworth’s portrait conveying the creativity and independence she sees in Grant. Their shared values, which include respect for British traditions, a fascination with history and a healthy dose of humour, make them the ideal artistic pairing.

A new miniatures-inspired design by Victoria Grant

Having exhibited her portrait of Margaret Thatcher at Philip Mould & Co. last year, Wadsworth was keen to introduce Grant to the gallery, whose cabinet room of miniature portraits provided an interesting reference point for a unique series of hat designs. The space is a fitting context for a three-way collaboration that celebrates the enduring cross-pollination between art and fashion.

‘The Milliner’ is at Philip Mould & Company, 18–19 Pall Mall, London SW1 from 9 to 18 February (closed 10 and 11 February).



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