Canine chic

A new online fashion destination caters for style-conscious pups

Every fashionista knows that finding the perfect outfit for their pup can be a challenge, so we’re delighted to have come across new online shop, which caters for the needs of the most style-conscious pooches and their owners. Stocking canine accessories from international luxury brands that include cashmere specialist Ruby Rufus, Brooklyn-based Found My Animal and Italian designer Frida Firenze (see above), the site aims to be a one-stop shop for dog lovers.

Founder Serena Everton explains that her inspiration for the site came from her frustration with the difficulty of finding high-quality canine fashion without paying over the odds for delivery. ‘I was desperate to find a coat for my puppy but all my online finds looked cheap, synthetic and had little design content,’ she recalls. ‘After lots more searching, I started to find great little brands scattered around the world; however, their ranges were often limited and delivery times tended to be either long or expensive due to their overseas location.’

In response, Everton launched the site, which she hopes will encourage pet owners to discover new brands and experiment with fresh trends. Quality and diversity are key criteria when sourcing merchandise: the shop sells a wide range of accessories, such as collars, leads, harnesses, coats and sweaters, for various breeds. As fully fledged puppy lovers here at T&C, we heartily approve of the idea.