Crumble takes control

A Cavalier King Charles spaniel has got his paws all over T&C’s Instagram account

Dear readers,

It’s with a not-so-heavy heart that I announce my disappearance to the south of France for a two-week spell in the sunshine, and with absolute confidence in his editorial abilities that I introduce my deputy, Crumble the Cavalier King Charles spaniel.

Granted, it’s a little uncommon to hand over one’s workload to a dog, but Crumble is one of the most trusted, and digitally savvy, members of the Town & Country team. A regular model in our photoshoots – and a constant, reassuring presence beneath the desk of his owner, our commissioning editor Catriona Gray – Crumble has his (floppy) ears to the ground when it comes to T&C’s editorial strategy. While his motivation can sometimes falter (his daily 5.30pm outburst of yapping is a noisy reminder that a pup can only go so long without food or exercise), his understanding of the luxury lifestyle is second to none: Crumble will only be seen in the most elegant canine clothing and accessories, and prefers to recline on furniture that has been upholstered in the finest fabric.

Frequently spotted posing for the perfect Instagram shot, fur groomed with care, Crumble knows exactly what kind of click-bait we humans will fall for. Watch out for his T&C Instagram takeover next week, when his friendly face will be filling up your social feed on a daily basis. He’s a dog with a nose for good story, so you’re in for a (canine) treat…



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