Do You Look Like Your Dog?

The animal photographer Gerrard Gethings has created a barking new canine-themed memory game

Harper the schnoodle. All photographs by Gerrard Gethings

The acclaimed animal photographer Gerrard Gethings has devised a new card game, ‘Do You Look Like Your Dog?’, that matches up photographs of humans and their canine charges. An ideal gift for dog-lovers, the game is played by placing all the cards face down, with the person who fetches the most correct pairs being declared the winner. 

Buddy the bichon frise  

The official dog portraitist for Town & Country, Gethings has photographed the pets of Yasmin Le Bon, Laura Bailey, Alice Dellal and James Middleton, among others. His photographs have also appeared in Harper’s Bazaar.

Gethings found himself collared into animal portraiture by his border terrier. “The first portraits I took were of my own dog, Baxter,” he recalls. “He is a patient subject and very handsome. He has little interest in photography, but a passion for biscuits and cheese.” Do the pair look alike? “I have been told that I do look like Baxter. We have the same hair colour and both sport a beard.”

Hope the Afghan

A light-hearted family game featuring photographs that Gethings describes as “beautiful, compelling, but also kind of amusing”, ‘Do You Look Like Your Dog?’ is a fun reminder that our relationship with our canine friends is more than just fur-deep.

‘Do You Look Like Your Dog?’ re-tails for £14.99 and is published by Laurence King. 



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