Dogs of the British Isles

The artist Debbie Kendall’s limited-edition print celebrates more than 50 British breeds

Images courtesy of Debbie Kendall

The inspiration for Debbie Kendall’s art comes from her devotion to all things canine. “I was totally blindsided by the amazing bond that I have with my dog, Figo,” she says. “He is loyal, funny, uplifting, incredibly calming and it’s very difficult to be anything but happy in his company.” As a printmaker, her work explores the deep connection between humans and their four-legged friends, produced in a unique style that combines hand-drawn lettering with ornate illustrations and vintage decoration harking back to the 19th century.

Working from her attic studio, Kendall mixes her own colours using traditional oil-based inks that are rolled out onto a glass slab and applied to a handcrafted linoplate before being transferred onto paper. Her latest creation is a limited-edition linoprint titled Dogs of the British Isles paying tribute to the more than 50 canine breeds that originate from the British isles. Modelled on the style of 18th- and 19th-century maps, the beautiful print, produced in an edition of 60, involved carving each dog and drawing each letter individually.

As well as prints, Kendall creates handmade greetings cards featuring retro-looking imagery of dogs or messages of ‘canine wisdom’, and can also write and design bespoke poem-portraits for owners’ beloved pups – the perfect way to show your devotion this Valentine’s Day.  

For more about Debbie Kendall, visit The Enlightened Hound website.



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