Forthglade’s Clean Eating for Dogs campaign

The Devon-based dog-food manufacturer is promoting shiny coats, happiness and natural eating for pups

Meet the Houndsley Brothers, two playful cocker spaniels fronting an important new campaign, Clean Eating for Dogs. It’s the initiative of the Devon-based dog-food manufacturer Forthglade, which has more than 40 years’ experience of making 100 per cent natural dog food.

In the past decade, clean eating has become a popular philosophy among humans, but Forthglade wants to take a stand for canines too. “Poor canine diet leads to a poor association with mealtimes, fussy eaters, as well as lacklustre coats, bad breath, unpleasant or irregular bowel movements and even disease,” said Gerard Lovell, the brand’s joint managing director. Positive associations and good behaviour at mealtimes, as well as physical and mental wellbeing, are among the benefits reported to come with a natural diet.

Forthglade’s fact-filled downloadable guide, The Houndsley Brother’s Guide to Clean Eating for Dogs, aims to let pet parents in on the secrets and benefits of a pure and balanced diet. It’s full of tips on which nutritious foods to choose and home recipes, so that your doggy can benefit from high-quality protein, veggies and essential vitamins and minerals. Forthglade’s British-made, all-natural dog food is available to buy in supermarkets and online in two ranges: complementary and complete. The former contains 90 per cent single-source meat and a few minerals, and is prepared using a mixer. The complete meals are available with brown rice or in a grain-free format, containing 75 per cent single-source meat, vegetables, vitamins, minerals and more to get your dog a Houndsley-shiny coat. 

The Houndsley Brothers commented (allegedly): “We love real yummy food and believe every dog deserves a natural, wholesome and nutritious diet. It’s simple – give your dog the best and you’ll get the very best back. Woof.”

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