The world’s first estate agent for cats

Opening this month, the pop-up venue will celebrate the feline fondness for cardboard boxes

Getting a paw on the property ladder is about to become a whole lot easier for cats, thanks to the launch of the world’s first estate agent aimed at felines. If it’s bricks and mortar your furry friend is after, however, they may be disappointed: the pop-up venue will deal exclusively in homes made from cardboard boxes.

Designers, retailers, influencers, students and schoolchildren have created an imaginative range of cardboard-box homes for cats to curl up in, ranging from a tropical tepee and a thatched cottage to a Georgian-style manor and a hygge-inspired Scandinavian house. All of the designs, which come with detailed property descriptions and even floor plans in some cases, will be on display to the public at the pop-up space and will be available to buy via a silent-auction ballot. Proceeds will go to support the charity Blue Cross, which cares for homeless, unwanted, sick and injured pets, including the cats pictured in these photographs. 

The idea for the event came from the observation that cats frequently build homes in the most unexpected of places. Ryan Neile, the head of animal behaviour at Blue Cross, said: “Cats are very inquisitive and love to explore new things, so most won’t hesitate to jump inside a cardboard box. They also like to hide and feel safe and secure, so will often seek out dark nooks and crannies with high sides.” The hope is that, as well as raising valuable funds, the event will highlight the importance of giving pets the mental stimulation and private space that they need.


The Estate Agent for Cats will be open from 26 to 29 April (10am to 4pm) at Pets Pyjamas, 81 Leonard Street, London EC2. 



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