The world’s most luxurious dog manors

These extraordinary structures give a new meaning to being ‘in the dog house’

So you’ve dressed Rover in the chicest canine fashion, taken him for a pampering session at your nearest grooming parlour and fed him on the latest organic dog food – but all that’s of no use if he still comes home to a sorry-looking kennel. Fortunately, now your pup can live in the state he deserves, thanks to the launch of the world’s most luxurious dog manors.

Available worldwide, the manors are the vision of the British brand Hecate Verona, whose creative director Alice Williams says that her objective was to design buildings that are “beautiful, stylish and also practical”. As well as fulfilling important health functions – with in-built heating and air conditioning, they can protect dogs from extreme cold and help them stay cool during heatwaves – they are equipped with security features such as cameras, and even a conference-calling system for dogs and their owners to communicate with each other. Additional amenities include food and water systems, treat dispensers, audio technology and television sets. 

Divided into a living and a sleeping space, with windows lowered to suit a dog’s height, each manor is made from the finest materials – hardwoods such as beech, oak and larch; natural stone such as marble and dolomite; metal for the foundations and aluminium for the details – and the interior walls are fully water-resistant. Choose from styles such as a Roman imperial mansion, a Spanish palacio and a colonial villa, with the final product being designed bespoke to suit your specifications. So let Fido bark his orders and soon he’ll be sitting pretty in the manner (and manor) to which he’s accustomed…

From about £31,000, Hecate Verona.  



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