T&C tests: Presscription Cold-Pressed Juice cleanse

The perfect post-Bank Holiday detox

As the May Bank Holiday draws to an end, you may well be feeling a little sluggish after indulging over the three-day weekend. I felt the same after too much chocolate and too few vegetables at Easter and was looking to reset my digestive system and get back on track with healthy eating. After researching the various different juice cleanses available, I decided to try a company called Presscription and opted for its 5-day Signature Cleanse.

Most juices are made using traditional centrifugal juicers and blenders. This juice is already exposed to heat (from the blades and motors) and oxidation before it enters your body, so you miss out on a number of vital elements. Crucially, Presscription makes cold-pressed juices that are extracted using hydraulic pressure instead, so the product retains an abundance of nutrients and vitamins from which you will benefit.

The Signature Cleanse involves replacing solid foods with six nutrient-rich juices and two smaller tonic shots to be drunk in a particular order from morning to night. My delivery of juices arrived perfectly on time at my home in cardboard packaging – you can only get three days’ supply at one time, that’s how fresh they are. Each 500ml glass bottle contained a delicious mix of ingredients including the Green Revive (cucumber, celery, apple, romaine lettuce, lemon, ginger and cayenne) and Mylk Make-Well (almonds, Medjool dates, Himalayan sea salt, vanilla bean and filtered water). The mini shots, such as Antidote, were punchy (but in a good way, like a spicy curry) and the cleverly balanced blend of turmeric, ginger, cayenne, lemon and orange was perfectly palatable.

As a means of kick-starting weight loss and boosting energy levels, I can’t recommend Presscription highly enough. After five days of detoxifying my digestive system, I was lighter, more focused, and my friends were saying how well I looked. It definitely made me think more about what I was eating in the weeks following, and all this without ever feeling hungry, even on Day Five.

Presscription juices and cleanses are available for sale online at presscription.co.uk and delivery within the UK, with cleanse options ranging from £65 to £395 for one-day and seven-day cleanses respectively.