Walking in a winter wonderland

Defy the cold to discover the nation’s loveliest natural landscapes

©NTPL/David Sellman

To my mind, a winter walk will always beat any other kind: the satisfying crunch of frosty grass underfoot, the sharp crack of ice as you traverse a frozen puddle, the sheer bliss of arriving home to a warm fire. In tribute to the unsung charms of the chilly season, the National Trust has compiled a list of its best winter trails.

At Sheringham Park in Norfolk, ramblers can feast their eyes on early-flowering rhododendrons while enjoying sweeping views of the coast. In Cheshire, Dunham Massey’s collection of ancient trees look particularly imposing with their bare trunks rising stark against the sky, while fallow deer graze around them. Or tramp across Marsden Moor in Yorkshire to spot the elusive mountain hare, whose brown coats change to white at this time of year in anticipation of snow. 



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