The A List: 18 January

NYC’s latest destination restaurant for vegetarians, plus easy ways to boost your health

Images courtesy of ABCV

ABCV This fairly new vegetarian restaurant in NYC has been the talk of the town – and for very good reason. Jean-Georges Vongerichten oversees the plant-based kitchen with such finesse that even meat eaters come back for more.

Naturya Superfood Breakfast Boost A mix of flaxseed, chia seed, hempseed and goji berries makes this the perfect anytime addition to cereal, yoghurt, smoothies and even salads.

Celergen Heralded as fountains of youth, these daily supplements deliver bio-active cellular extracts directly to your bloodstream. Celergen’s outer coating gives its micronutrients the ability to bypass and withstand stomach acids, allowing for optimal absorption. My skin is glowing as a result.

Chaos iPhone X case Not to moan, but it’s been hard to find a good case for my X…These come in limited-edition metallic pink or green leather and are well loved by all.

Halo Top If, as my mum says, ice-cream is the perfect food, Halo Top is truly the food of the gods. With 350 calories or fewer per tub, even those with enormous self-restraint can indulge in amazing flavours such as peanut-butter cup, mint chocolate and cookies and cream.

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