The A List: 2 February

Luxurious stationery, pretty Valentine’s Day decorations and New York City’s newest nightspot

Armorial London My favourite stationer now has an elegant concession in my favourite shop – Harvey Nichols, of course. Pictured above is a detail from the brand’s ‘Polo Player’ correspondence cards.

The Light Between Oceans A truly, spectacularly heart-wrenching film. Beautifully shot and wonderfully acted.

NeoStrata Foaming Glycolic Wash I love a good glycolic cleanser for smooth skin and exfoliating without stripping. This one is brilliant.

Paul’s Casablanca, New York City The new place to be in NYC, which comes courtesy of the host with the most Paul Sevigny, is a great addition to any night on the town.

Balloon Pin House I love this fun hot air balloon-shaped ball of 300 pushpins, available at Clive Roddy.

Mini Heart Piñata This shiny rose-pink delight from Urban Outfitters is fun to hang up on Valentine’s Day, even without cramming it full of candy.

Love Balloon Also from Urban Outfitters, this cute blow-up balloon in rose-gold will put you in the mood.



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