The A List: 25 January

Beautiful bedlinen made in Italy, plus luxe sportswear and a post-workout pick-me-up

Image courtesy of Lula Green

Lula Green This organic range of 600+ thread-count sheets, duvet covers and shams are handcrafted in the foothills of the Italian Alps. They will make your bed even more tempting and can be ordered with bespoke colours and embroidered monograms.

Finish Line Run Top This is the perfect long-sleeve shirt by Sweaty Betty to sweat or relax in – and it’s great for layering, too.

Gait Keeper Jacket I adore this new slim-fit, water-repellent running jacket by Lululemon – ideal for cold-weather runs and super-flattering, with invisible pockets.

TrueNopal Cactus Water Surprisingly refreshing, this has half the calories and sugar of coconut water and is brilliant for post-workout rehydration.

Eucerin Urea Repair Plus This amazing foot cream will solve any dry-skin issues with immediate results. Amazing for your heels after both skiing and surfing.

Farmacy Shot Bar Run to Selfridges for a dose of this pop-up shot bar full of healthy oils, turmeric and charcoal, which come served in syringes.

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