What Your Jewellery Says About You

A body image expert explains all

Whether you layer up your necklaces, stack your rings or prefer to keep things low-key and understated, the way you wear your jewellery is secretly sending signals about your personality that you’ve probably never realised. We asked Stephanie Varda, body image expert and life coach, for her insight into what these key jewellery trends reveal about you...

1. Necklace layering

When it comes to necklace layering, the more the merrier. You don’t have to worry about singling out one favourite piece - pile them all on for a fully decked-out neck, curating quirky pairings.

Stephanie says: “Layering necklaces is all about excess and being different. Long, short, patterned and plain all mixed in together to create a unique, unusual style. The kind of person who likes to layer their necklaces revels in being different. They dislike the thought of following the crowd.”

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2. Ring stacking

Don’t just put one ring on it, put them all on. You can match them, mismatch them, wear them all on one finger or on every finger. This is teamwork jewellery, when your rings need to work together to create something bold and eye-catching, a twinking sight of bejewelled glory.

Stephanie says: “Stacking ring wearers steer towards wanting to be seen as edgy and daring. They’ve carefully thought about their jewellery and its positioning, even if they pretend otherwise. These artfully stacked rings tell me this woman knows her look and how to make an impression.”

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3. Statement earrings

Oversized and eye-catching, big earrings were made for showing-off. From epically proportioned chandeliers to shoulder-grazing clusters, this is an easy way to liven up a simple outfit.

Stephanie says: “The woman who wears statement earrings does so as a symbol of her power. Statement earrings are an assertion of femininity, of purpose and of confidence. As they build and layer their outfit right up to the all-important statement earrings, this woman is building and layering her confidence, developing that outward persona that will see her through any situation.”

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