Royal Ascot launches millinery collection

Eight British milliners have collaborated with Royal Ascot to design a unique range of hats

All images courtesy of Royal Ascot. Above: hat by Edwina Ibbotson

Creating the perfect Royal Ascot hat for the modern woman may seem like an insurmountable task, but eight of the UK’s most exciting milliners have achieved just that. 

The Royal Ascot Millinery Collective comprises the up-and-coming British hat designers Laura Apsit Livens, Lady Laura Cathcart and Harvy Santos, alongside the world-renowned milliners Stephen Jones, Philip Treacy, Rachel Trevor Morgan, Edwina Ibbotson and William Chambers. Each hat in the eight-piece collection elegantly represents the unique style of every one of the British milliners; there are a range of shapes, colour palettes, motifs and materials to suit every taste.

Celebrating millinery as an iconic part of Royal Ascot’s history, each one of the collective’s contemporary designs is the perfect adornment for a day at the races. Scroll down to see some of our favourites…

Harvy Santos’ hat is inspired by the exotic elegance and tropical vibrancy of the avian kingdom. Santos says: “Spring is the time that birds – and people – will go dancing to court and display their finest feathers and plumage to mark a special occasion.”

Laura Apsit-Livens says: “My signature piece is the Matador, style as I love the classic shape. I wanted to have some fun with the piece for Royal Ascot to create movement and charisma with a sweetie-inspired duchess satin bow.”

Stephen Jones says: “The name of this hat is 'The Perfect Hat for Ascot,’ as it’s the perfect hat for the races!” 

Lady Laura Cathcart says: “The hat I’ve designed is decorated with red feather butterflies on a black woven straw base. It evokes the spirit of the Ascot social butterfly, as well as the English summer season, when bright young social butterflies spread their beautifully coloured wings.”

The collection is available to order exclusively at Fenwick, 63 New Bond Street, London W1, from 28 April. 



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